Compliance Hotline

Effective March 1, 2016, ABCT, Inc. is contracting Lighthouse Services, Inc. to maintain a 24/7 Compliance Hotline.

The purpose of the hotline is to allow our workforce members and others the opportunity to anonymously and confidentially report compliance concerns in a private, secure manner to an trusted, independent, third party vendor.

You are encouraged to contact Lighthouse Services, Inc. through the following options:

  • Toll-Free Telephone:

               English speaking USA and Canada: 1-844-280-0005

               Spanish speaking USA and Canada: 1-800-216-1288

  • Website:
  • E-mail: or (must include company name with report)
  • Fax: (215) 689-3885 (must include company name with report

Of course, ABCT, Inc. workforce members and others may also elect to share any compliance concerns they have by contracting the ABCT, Inc. Quality and Compliance Officer, Rod Dickson. You can reach Rod by:

Telephone:   (541) 464-4960

Fax:             (541) 677-5078