Roseburg Women's Healthcare

"There is no one else I would trust to execute my billing and collections other than the staff at HBSS. Their experience speaks for itself."

William Hollander, MD, Practice Owner

"The amazing staff at Harvard Billing and Staffing Services do a wonderful job! They are a hard-working, efficient and knowledgeable group that were able to adapt to the flow and needs of our office. As a result, all of our stress levels have gone down immensely! Thank you Toni and company."

Jennifer Estrada, Office Manager

Pacific Hand Surgery Center

"Thanks for the great work on collections. I should have switched sooner. There is no way I can do it cheaper and continue with the same practice efficiency."

"Excellent billing and staff support. They have built in checks and balances that are impossible with a solo private practice setting. I couldn't be happier."

Jerone Landstrom, MD